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24-Hours Security
0 KM in Payyoli Bus Stand
Lift and two staircase to reach all floors
Childrean's Play Area 
Fire escape,fire Detector and fire alarm
Aesthetically designed floors

                   DREAM PROPERTIES L.L.P


Dream Mall,Payyoli 


                     Payyoli, a prominent place in kozhikode Districe ,is no more villages or small town; it is on the threhold of  becoming a muncipality,As per of the efforts to catapult this A Grade Panchayat to a bigger city with all modern amenities and other infrastucture, A Local delegation recently met the kerala Minister for Urban Affairs in thiruvananthapuram,


Payyoli...from the page of History 

                                    Payyoli,36 kilometers north of calicut (Kozhikode)city,was part of malabar in the British era and was under  the British era and was under the  Kurumbranad 1498 ,portuguese traveller Vasco Da Gama landed at Kappadbeach(21 km south of Payyoli),which paved the way for many foreign powers,such as the Dutch,French and British ,landing in indiain the later period.The spices and wealth of Malabar had also attracted the Arabs,the phoenicians,the Greeks and the Romans to Kerala.Payyoli has a bright history of fighting against invasions by external forces,The Great Kunhali Marakkars of Kottakkal in payyoli, the naval chief of the king of Kozhikode,

Samoothiri,valiantly fought agaunst the portuguese during the 16th century ,The Marakkars are credited with organizing the first navel defence of the indian coast. The Payyoli area has been blessed by the birth of many other prominent personalities,who have marked their presence in the history in different spheres of life as well as in the international arena of excellence , including the greate sports personality ,P T Usha.


Migration of Payyolians........

Payyolians started migration to Singapore and Malaysia in the forties and fifties in search of  better future ,followed by the Gulf countries in the sixties ,which became an exodus in the eighties .The Gulf money has played a significant role in the metamorphosis  of the area from a small hamlet to a modern town with huge shopping centres ,palatial villas and advanced amenities.


Qatar Payyolians

Qatar Payyolians is a socio-cultural organization ,formed in 2012 by Indian expatriates from Payyoli area (Payyoli,Thurayur and Thikkodi Panchayats),who reside in the State of Qatar.It aims to bring  all Payyolians in Qatar under one Umbrella ,irrespective of their religious or political differences and also to uplift the economic and social status of the people of Payyoli on humanitarian and brotherly basis



Dream Payyoli Properties LLP 

Dream Payyoli Properties LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership company established  by a group of members of Qatar Payyolians with the aim of setting up profitable business ventures for the benefit of the sharehilders of the company.



Dream Mall, Payyoli 

The first project of Dream Payyoli Properties LLP is Dream Mall,which is being constructed at a 45 cent land right in the heart of Payyoli town opposite to Payyoli Bus Stand on the National Highway 17.This state-of-the-art-shopping mall,which is being built over a sprawling 50,000 square feet space ,is expected to offer a unique shopping experience at par with big cities.

The building with a basement parking area ,a first of its kind in a town like Payyoli,offers ample shopping space on the ground floor,first floor and second floor and two purpose-built conference/party halls on the third floor 

Image by Erik Mclean




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